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Envío y devoluciones

Politica de envios

Soy una sección de Política de envío. Soy un gran lugar para informar a sus clientes sobre sus métodos de envío, embalaje y costos. Utilice un lenguaje sencillo y directo para generar confianza y asegúrese de que sus clientes sean leales.


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Política de devolución y cambio

Shipping live plants at an affordable cost to the consumer is our main priority. However, due to the rising costs associated with shipping goods along with the risk of USPS/FEDEX,UPS mishandling our packages, it is important you add heat packs when advised by our team. Please be aware of the weather in your area. If you are experiencing temperatures below 50°F, we recommend adding a heat pack to your plant order.

If you are experiencing severe weather conditions (including freezing temperatures 32°F and below), please delay ordering until the weather warms. A package of live plants left outside in freezing temperatures for any amount of time can result in DOA.

If temperatures in your area are above 80°F, we recommend delaying your order until the weather cools.


Hard goods can be returned up to 30 days after purchase for a full refund as long as the product is unused, new and sealed in its box. We offer store credit for items that have been opened and used, but please note this is on a case by case basis and AquascapeGuide reserves the right to provide solutions deemed fit pertaining to each inquiry. Customers will have to pay for return shipping fees.

We are unable to accept returns for perishable items such as plants or livestock. However, feel free to reach out to our support team at if you are unsatisfied in any way! We do provide 100% DOA (dead-on-arrival) protection.


Don’t worry, we’ll issue a refund as long as it fits within the guidelines in the section above!

We do offer free 100% DOA (dead-on-arrival) protection for all plant and livestock orders. If in the unfortunate event of receiving plants/livestock DOA occurs, please email us at with your order number and photos of the product(s) and packaging slip within 12 hours of package delivery. Our support team will be happy to assist you with a replacement or refund. If you do not receive a response within 1-2 business days, please check that your email was sent to the correct address and check your spam folder.


You will be notified via email if our Fulfillment Team determines that an item does not meet our Standards of Quality and cannot be shipped, or if an item is out of stock if your order is under two items. If this email has no response within 24 hours, the order will shipped without the item and a refund will be issued.

Should your order exceed two items and an item does not pass our Quality Assurance Test, the order will be shipped without the item and a refund will be issued.


To be notified of when something becomes available, be sure you click the orange "Email Me When Available" button on the product's page. If you have additional questions, please email our team at

Please note that dates are subject to change without notice.


If you'd like to purchase dry goods from us and are outside the United States, we will do our best to accommodate your order. Please email any inquiries to and be sure to include your international shipping address. Unfortunately, plants cannot be shipped outside the United States at this time.


Our team does a great job of keeping our holding tanks clean from algae and various ailments. We also perform quality checks prior to shipping plants! However, it is always possible that snails may be present. If you do not want to risk this, please consider purchasing tissue culture plants and/or cleaning and quarantining new plants very thoroughly prior to placing them in your aquarium. Snails are a natural part of the environment and are inevitable when dealing with live aquatic plants.


Plant preparation will be contingent on what "form" you purchase the plant in. Plants will generally be sold in the following forms:

•             Pot: The plant is wrapped in rockwool and placed in a little pot.

•             Lead Bunch: Typically used for stem plants. The plant is wrapped in protective cotton and secured with a plant weight to prevent it from floating.

•             Attached to: Plants such as aquatic mosses can be attached to stainless steel sheets, while epiphytic plants like buce can be attached to stones or driftwood.

•             Tissue Culture: These plants are grown in a lab and are the only way to fully guarantee that plants are 100% snail, pest, and algae-free.

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, please email us at!

We hope we never have to, but we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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