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Enhance Your Mini Canister Filter with ASGs Premium Glass Lily Pipes


Maintain pristine water clarity and gentle flow with our high-quality Glass Lily Pipe Set, designed specifically for your mini canister filter.


Key Features:

  • Reduced Circulation, Optimal Turnover: This unique bulb-style design minimizes disruptive water movement within your tank while ensuring efficient water turnover for a healthy environment.
  • Crystal-Clear Glass: Enjoy unparalleled visual appeal as the transparent glass seamlessly integrates into your aquascape, virtually disappearing for a stunning, unobtrusive look.
  • Easy Installation & Adjustment: Equipped with 3 convenient suction cups for effortless attachment to your aquarium walls. The suction cups also offer full adjustability, allowing you to precisely position the inlet and outlet for ideal flow and to accommodate your unique aquascaping layout.



  • Promotes lush plant growth by delivering a gentle yet steady flow of nutrients throughout the tank.
  • Reduces stress on fish by minimizing disruptive currents, creating a calmer environment.
  • Enhances aesthetics with a sleek, transparent design that complements any aquarium setup.
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to the easy installation and adjustability features.


Order your Glass Lily Pipe Set today and experience the perfect balance of gentle flow and efficient filtration for your mini canister filter!

ASG Glass Lily Pipes Set - Bulb and Inlet (10mm OD)

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